Although granite is igneous – which means it is less porous than sedimentary rock counterparts such as limestone and travertine – many industry experts still recommend sealing it. Granite sealing in Canyon Lake, CA, helps to avoid staining, prolonging its aesthetic features and lifespan.

Fabricators and installers do recommend sealing, particularly when:

  • the water darkens the stone (this is a general rule);
  • the granite countertop has a higher level of usage;
  • the countertop seldom receives cleaning;
  • you are not confident of the type and quality of the previous sealer used

Granite water test

Knowing whether your granite countertop needs sealing should not be a problem if you have a professional sealer do it – they will know it at first glance. However, if you DIY, here’s how: pour a quarter of a cup of water on some parts of the granite counter. If the liquid seeps into the stone in under five minutes, it needs sealing. As mentioned, consider the sealing process if water darkens the granite.

Working with a pro

How to find a professional that offers granite sealing in Canyon Lake, CA? Consider the following options:

Ask your inner circle – this pertains to your relatives, closest friends, and colleagues who might know a service provider or two; their recommendations can be instrumental in finding the best in town.

Search for prospects online – many (if not all) granite sealers probably have a website or a page that represents their company online. Such pages come with testimonials from customers. Consider adding companies getting good reviews to your list of prospects.

Check the previous work – the projects they have completed are one of the best indicators of how good (or not so good) they are. Check out their previous work to answer this crucial question: is the work output of top-notch quality?

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