I moved into a house with a COMPLETELY FILTHY shower that was impossible to clean. The previous owners had actually painted over the tile and grout and caulked over the mold and mildew to make it LOOK like it was clean. But in a short time I was grossed out just to step into it, it was so horrible. A BIG job. I called several people from Yelp. A couple gave me estimates from pictures I sent them, which didn’t set well with me. The other two came and looked and told me what they would do and gave estimates. The ONLY one that said he could make EVERYTHING look better was Grant Goka from Groutsmith. When he came to look at the shower he was extremely personable and even put booties over his shoes to keep my floor clean when he walked in! After he told me that he could address every issue I hired Groutsmith and I am not one bit displeased with the end result. My shower looks like brand new! It’s amazing. I have no idea how he got it all so clean because I have tried EVERY toxic product on the market, with brushes and soaps and cleansers, to no avail. I even used sandpaper on some spots! Nothing worked…but THANKS TO GRANT AND GROUTSMITH I actually have a beautifully clean and white shower, tile, grout lines, doors and aluminum….EVERYTHING spotless! You can’t lose with this company! THANKS!

Suzanne S.Murrieta, CA