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Using the very latest technology, The Groutsmith is your cost-effective and professional tile, grout cleaning, repair and restoration expert! All of our specialists are fully trained and certified and ready to assist you today.

We offer a full range of services; from ensuring maximum protection of your newly installed tile, to bringing dull, dirty tile and grout back to its former glory! Let us bring your tiled areas back to their original beauty!

We are industrial leaders in the after-market care and restoration of ALL tile and grout and our unique restoration procedures will prove that to you. No one else has the reputation for quality, skill and customer service as The Groutsmith.

All services provided by The Groutsmith utilize cutting edge professional products that are designed for applications both indoors and out. Not only that, but we are a locally owned and operated company with technicians who have years of experience behind them.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Grout repair: rather than going through the expense of replacing a whole floor, kitchen or shower, call us to replace broken tiles and repair your grout!
  • Grout sealing: protect your grout lines and extend the life of your floors, bathrooms, showers and kitchen countertops
  • Recoloring: make your tiles look bright, fresh and new again
  • Recaulking: making sure all of your joints and gaps are sealed with our caulking, helps control water penetration and unhealthy mold growth
  • Tile, stone and grout restoration: let us make your tired, worn tiles and grout look new again
  • Granite and natural stone cleaning and sealing: keep your stone surfaces stain and bacteria free by having your granite and stone surfaces professionally cleaned and sealed.

Whether residential or commercial, customers across North America can hire The Groutsmith and be confident that they will receive the very best service and results. We guarantee it. That’s right. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with the work done, using the unique Groutsmith grouting method, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

You deserve the best. Don’t settle for less. Why pay more for less?

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