Tile Grout Repair Canyon Lake CALooking for a Tile Grout Repair service in Canyon Lake CA? Problem solved!

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We’re Canyon Lake Valley’s #1 grout and tile cleaning, repair and restoration experts.

The Groutsmith in Canyon Lake Valley is your cost-effective, professional tile and grout restoration company, with fully trained and certified specialists.

We use the very latest in cleaning and restoration technology available to bring your tiled areas back to their original beauty.

From ensuring maximum protection of your newly installed tile and grout, to bringing your dirty old tile and grout back to life again.

Our unique restoration procedures confirm our position as industrial leaders in the after-market care and restoration of ALL tile and grout!

The Groutsmith offers a full range of services, backed by cutting edge professional products designed for applications both indoors and out.

Customers all across America both residential and commercial, hire The Groutsmith restoration services with confidence knowing that they will receive the very best in service and results GUARANTEED!

Don’t make the mistake of hiring any other company – why pay more for less?

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Tile Grout Repair Canyon Lake CA

At The Groutsmith we believe in keeping things simple.

Our promise to you is that we will re-create the beauty of your home or business through the work we perform in it.

Our brand and its reputation have been built over time on our skills in grout and tile cleaning, repair, sealing, color sealing and tile replacement.

These are our core competencies, and this is what we are trained and skilled to do at the highest level.

Our specially trained technicians have years of experience behind them, and are skilled at dealing with grout repair, grout sealing, recoloring, re-caulking, and the overall restoration of your tile, stone and grout.

We work on all tiles and grout:

– Ceramic, Glass, Porcelain, Slate, Terrazzo and Terracotta Tile
– Preservation of Historic, Vintage, and Antique Tiles
– Tiled Kitchens, Backsplashes, and Countertops
– Bathrooms and Showers
– Floors

The change in your tile flooring will be nothing short of amazing when you have The Groutsmith clean and color your grout.

Call The Groutsmith for your FREE estimate today!

Tile Grout Repair Canyon Lake CA

The Groutsmith’s Tile and Grout Cleaning Services Include:

– Grout Cleaning and Grout Repair
– Tile Cleaning, Tile Repair and Tile Replacement
– Rebond of Loose and Hollow Floor Tile
– Grout Repair and Grout Restoration
– Bathroom Grout Repair and Restoration
– Shower Grout Repair and Restoration
– Bath Grout Repair and Restoration
– Grout Sealing
– Grout Color Sealing
– Grout and Recaulking Services
– Color Matched Caulking
– Natural Stone Cleaning and Sealing
– Granite Cleaning and Sealing

Why Do Our Customers Love Us So Much?

– We exceed expectations at a price you can afford
– We’re extremely professional
– We call you when we say we will
– We arrive at your home or business exactly on time

    – We finish our work on time and we clean up spotlessly afterwards

We are proud to be Temecula Valley’s premier tile and grout cleaning, repair and restoration company.

You’re going to LOVE working with The Groutsmith!

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